Despite Cedrico being quite a young brand, there are unfortunately some counterfeiters out there.

We are continously working to stop fake websites, to protect both the brand and the consumers - but unfortunately new sites tend to pop up in its place.
Counterfeit products can be dangerous as the origin of the products is unknown, and the fabric may have been treated with toxic substances.
Purchasing counterfeit products can contribute to illegal activites such as organized crime or child labor.

Cedrico can only vouch for the retailers listed under "stores" on this website, and the only official Cedrico website is the one you´re visiting right now.
Counterfeit websites can look realistic but are usually easy to recognize by the URL, images and language and by claiming to sell products with high discouts in a wide range of sizes

If you are in doubt or come across a website that looks suspicios, please let us know by sending us an e-mail.